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Thread: DSI XL 1.4.3A Help...

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    DSI XL 1.4.3A Help...

    I recently updated my DSI XL to 1.4.3A.
    Now all of a sudden, my R4i Revolution Upgrade 1.4.1 card won't work.

    "An error has occured. Please power off and refer to Operations Manual"

    I tried updating kernel to 1.43b, but no help

    Any suggestions,

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    You need a 1.4.3 fix for the card not a kernel update.

    I beleive that r4 doesnt support a different firmware other than 1.4.1 or lower.

    Get a decent card like acekard2i, scds2, ismart, ievo

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    Will there ever be a fix for the R4i or should I just chuck it out.

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    same problem here, i was wondering if my R4i Gold would have a new update for a Kernel or a firmware but sadly I can't make it work...

    its annoying cuz I only have one cart for my DS and I have used my R4 for 2 years now...

    any comments on how we could appease this situation?


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