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Thread: Final Fantasy Tactics For iPhone Finally Released

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    Final Fantasy Tactics For iPhone Finally Released

    Taking a lot longer than originally planned, the iPhone and iPod version of Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions has finally been released on the App Store worldwide at a somewhat surprising price of $15.99.

    The game, which is a port of the 2007 version of the game, features the same improvements its PSP counterpart had, whilst adding a better translation, prettier cut-scenes, touch control and more importantly, a Save-anywhere system has been implemented in order to avoid losing progress in case the player gets a phone call. It should be noted the game works on 3GS and newer systems only, with an iPad version coming later this year.

    Considering the game is already available on the PSN and retail stores for a lesser price, it remains to be seen how much mojo this old and incredibly hardcore game has among the increasingly casual iDevice gaming crowd.
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