At today’s Activision-Blizzard quarterly investor call, the company revealed several new details surrounding the Call of Duty franchise. The biggest news related to this is that Modern Warfare 3 is now going to be released for the Nintendo Wii. Because the graphical engine was revamped for the new game, and a Wii version had been absent from any news surrounding the game’s release, many believed that a release for the Wii or even a port was going to happen. This news is sure to please the Wii owners out there who were wondering if they were going to get another Call of Duty release, but will it be able to really compete with its other console versions?

Modern Warfare 3 is said to have the first real update of the old Infinity Ward engine, which means its graphics will be able to go far beyond what we’ve seen out of the last four installments of the game, as we’ve seen through trailers and reveals thus far. The Wii version will probably not be able to handle any graphical improvement, as they’ve pretty much hit the limit the Wii can feature already in Black Ops.

Understandably, it will still probably be the best FPS to be released for the Wii since there is no real competition (there isn’t much love for games like Conduit 2 here), but maybe it would have been a better idea at this point to make one for the Wii U for a later release. Still, it is great for Wii fans out there that one of the most popular games on the console isn’t leaving too soon.