According to a leaked AppleCare document, Apple has begun selling bootable OS X Lion USB drives to users who are in dire need. These thumb drives will allow those users to perform clean installs of Lion without carrying out the painful task of setting up Snow Leopard first.

If you simply want a bootable USB drive even if youíre not having trouble of any kind, you can do so too for the somewhat steep price of $69, which is more than twice the price of the $29-download. Still, itís significantly cheaper than the price of $129 at which Mac OS X used to traditionally sell for up until the 2009 when Snow Leopard was introduced.

If youíre adventurous, you can load Lion onto your own USB stick rather easy, as long as you already have the digital download. Read our tutorial on how to do that here and save yourself $69. If you prefer, you can also create an old school bootable DVD.

Source- redmondpie