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    Donated $20

    I just donated this forum $20, because I'd like to ask you to allow me start the below thread in the "Coding Section"*:

    Title: Lets make 3DUI development easier [questionnaire]

    Hi everyone!
    Creating 3DUIs that use Wiimotes, Kinect etc. can be tricky with getting the hardware and software to work, and then coding the actual interaction.
    Therefore I created the following survey to map problems in 3D user interface development:

    If you have tried developing your own 3DUI applications, please answer the survey. The results will eventually help the 3DUI hobbyist community.
    This is academic research and no money will be made with this survey. I'll publish the results in a scientific publication next year.

    Best regards,

    Tuukka Takala
    3DUI researcher
    Aalto University, Finland

    I posted it earlier there, but it vanished so I think one of the moderators removed it. Therefore I'd like to ask protection for my thread so that it won't be removed, and that I can bump it up once a week for next 6 weeks for visibility's sake. The more volunteers will answer the survey, the more accurate will the results be, and thus benefitting the 3DUI and modding community eventually.

    What do you say, will you grant me this favor?

    *EDIT: Coding section seems a little slow... Maybe Homebrew? I just noticed that the "Wiihacks" on this site refer mostly to mod-chips and not on developing apps that use Wiimotes etc, ouch! Is there a forum that would mostly match my purpose?
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