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Thread: Transformers I - Freezes after white screen

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    Transformers I - Freezes after white screen

    hi all, not sure if this is the right place to put this but i was wondering if someone could help me out about this. I downloaded the transformers game the first one(the download says PAL Multi5) I've got a wii softmoded 4.3U and this is about the 50th game i downloaded so far...once it got past the white screen the autobot sign comes on like all the other games except it just stays there...and doesn't do anything...I tried allthe IOS that wii flow settings have to offer and put the video patching to progressive but nothing happened. I really hope to hear from one of ya..

    p.s one last thing usually i would just download the NTSC version if it didn't work but the only one i found has stayed 85% for about a month now X_X

    Thank you!

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    wiihacks doesnt support piracy please read the forum rules

    thread closed
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