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Thread: Wii Back-ups Freezes At Specific Points

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    Wii Back-ups Freezes At Specific Points

    I Have a 4.2(i think its "u" for Pal) PAL Softmoded wii...
    I use cfg usb loader, i can run games in ios 249, 222, 223, 224, 250...
    I tried to run the game in every single ios(that I could use), none works...
    I tried using a different usb cable to connect my hard drive to the wii, still doesnt work...
    I tried Re-ripping the Game in Case That the Iso is corrupted, still no luck...
    Every Game That I Play Has Its Own Freezing Spot...

    My EHDD is a WD Elements SP 500 Gb...
    ohh, and when I remove the game using WBFS Manager and put it Back in the Freezing spot Changes...
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    On your harddrive (file name: Bliepo.crazy)
    From what you tell, I believe the problem lies with the drive. The fact that the freezing spot changes, is a very good indication of it. It could be that the filesystem of the drive is corrupted or that the drive itself is damaged. Try a full format for the drive (be sure to make a back-up of any data you need) and check whether that fixes your problem. If not, try another drive and if that drive does work, then it is obviously the drive which is causing the problem.
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    hey bugz 4627, are you sure your hdd is not just dropping into sleep mode ? If you are experiencing random freezes, you may be better to reformat hdd and remove any manufacturers control software,set as primary & active fat 32, use easeus partition manager, I have used all different drives set up as above, only time I had trouble was a cheap drive with a slow spin speed. I always go for 7200rpm.


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    Thanks for the reply, I'll try your request immediately...
    I'll come back later to say if your correct or not...
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    I don't think the drive is dropping to sleep mode because the games freeze at specific spots e.g. as soon as I get to the finish line of Bowser Castle in mario kart, the game freezes instantly
    and always on that very same spot...

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    I have been playing a game for some time now and so freezes!
    I think regular formatting of the drive did the trick

    Thanks For Your Help!


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