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Thread: CFG USB Loader freezes when selecting game.

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    CFG USB Loader freezes when selecting game.

    I have been working for hours to try to get any USB launcher to play games properly.
    I have gone through Mauifrogs tutorial for my 4.1 Wii.
    I have downloaded the latest version of CFG USB Launcher and USB Launcher GX.
    Both either freeze at trying to launch the game, give me a black screen inside the game, or freeze when selecting a level.
    This may be an IOS problem? What should I do? Can I give a list of my installed IOS'es somehow?

    PS: I'm using a 4 GB sandisk cruzer usb drive if that helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by playerkp420 View Post
    How did you setup your drive? Try this.
    Thanks, I followed this guide originally.
    Do you really think it's the drive that's the problem? If so, that would be an absolute relief!

    I have a seagate 250 gb usb drive coming in the mail, and was planning on using it as a dedicated drive for the wii.

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    As long as u followed maui's softmod any wii guide after that one. You should have all the latest IOS and cIOS. Just make sure to set the drive as primary and active.

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    Ok so I got my external usb drive in the mail, followed that guide you linked me to, and it works 100%.
    Thanks so much!


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