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Thread: Nintendo Wii Error code: 32017 when updating.

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    Nintendo Wii Error code: 32017 when updating.


    I wanted to get rid of the homebrew channel, don't ask me why, I can't remember myself.

    So I updated, but halfway into the update it gave me an error code so I went back to the homescreen and the homebrew channel was gone.

    I then tried to update again and saw that I had 4.3EU in the settings, so I went to update again and I get the error code all the time right away after I click the update button.

    It doesn't really make sense why it says that I have 4.3 when I didnt' update it completely.

    It forces me to update when I am trying to go into the Wii Shop Channel.

    Also, is there any other way to install the homebrew channel on 4.3 without any games?

    PS. Sorry if there were any spelling errors, english isn't my primary language.


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    You're all over the place. You didn't have to update to get the wii shop channel, and now you're on 4.3 and must have a game to softmod. Get one of those games and go through the Any Wii link in my signature

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    Yes, I need to update to access the wii shop channel, I don't understand what you mean.

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    You took a part update which put you on 4.3. The only way to get the mod back is with a game exploit.

    Introduce yourself and get a link to one of the modding guide.
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