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Thread: Neogamma doesn't work!

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    Neogamma doesn't work!

    I have neogamma r7 and wii 4.2e which is hard modded. I was trying to do this NO FAILTUBE LINKS

    but after loading the cIOS36 rev10, neogamma didn't work, and the wii froze. Also,I didn't get the coverfloader channel. I'm pretty sure I did what the guy said exactly.

    I have 2 original CDs (Wii sports & Wii sports resort) and they work fine.
    Please I need help because I tried looking up other forums and videos but nothing helps.
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    Just by looking at your cios you are super out of date which is to be expected when you follow failtube. Follow the any wii guide in my signature to do it the right way.

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    So should I install the whole thing all over the again? Or just neogamma?

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    Do the entire guide all over again.

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