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Thread: Only 13 WADS in Pal Mod Pack

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    Only 13 WADS in Pal Mod Pack

    There is only 13 wads in the pal mod pack now im stcuk ive installed them plus the 3 for the sytem menu. Im stuck on the bootv2 manger even if i turn my sytem off it boots straight to that ? Any ideas what im doing wrong?


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    btw with the 13 wads i cant get into priiloader by holding reset

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    Which guide are you using? If you're stuck in the bootmii boot2 menu just rename the bootmii folder on the sd card to bootmii1. Which guide are you using?

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    This one J

    Ive done everything up to installing the wads but only 13 of them and the 3 optional for the sys menu.

    Ive done that and installed priiloader 0.7

    Im onthe last part when tryign to install the app pack it says the current ios needs to be 2 cios249 by waninkoko is this a step ive somehow missed :\
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