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Thread: 4.3u bricked wii

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    4.3u bricked wii

    i have this 4.3u bricked wii, black screen.
    i can boot to recovery menu.
    it seems the wii has a full nand, no save data space.
    but any ab discs do not boot, netflix disc when i auto boot with drivekey says to click ok to goto data management menu, but when i click ok it just black screens.
    doesn't seem to have any hacks installed to nand either.
    just seems the person just had a wiikey installed and no priloader or any system menu patches installed.
    wiimote turns wii on so don't think it is a bt module, have tried switching it out but still black screen.

    anyone have any ideas on how to repair this?
    although i think it is toast.
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