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Thread: Ocarina Code for Mario Kart seems to work but does nothing?

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    Ocarina Code for Mario Kart seems to work but does nothing?

    Hi guys,

    Recently started playing Mario Kart [PAL] again with a few friends, and rather then go through and unlock everything again I have been trying to use Ocarina and a code to get a fully unlocked licence.

    I followed the guides an advise around on the forum and basically ended up at the stage where everything seemed to work as it should, but nothing changed in the game.

    I pretty much did the following steps:
    - Put Ocarina onto and SD card
    - Used the .txt file here:
    Codes: Mario Kart Wii [RMCP01] (PAL-EU/AU) at - WiiRD Code Database
    and opened with the codemgr
    - Ticked the boxes for unlocked licences in the top right, bottom left + right then hit store modifications and exported them to a .gct files in the "codes" folder on SD card
    - Put SD in Wii, opened ocarina using Homebrew
    - Put game in, it loads fine and says its found and applied the codes

    Once the game loads I have nothing unlocked

    Is this just because the codes are wrong? I have tried a few different codes after google'ing around for a bit but none seem to work.

    Am i doing something wrong? Is it just the code?

    Any advise is greatly appreciated
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    Read the rules. We do not support cheating.


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