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Thread: Launching Netflix from Cfg USB Loader?

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    Question Launching Netflix from Cfg USB Loader?

    As the topic says, I'm looking for methods of launching my NAND/SD installed Netflix channel from Cfg USB Loader. As it stands, I have and wish to keep, Cfg Loader setup with Priiloader to boot on system start. Cfg is also loaded when using the Home button to revert to System Menu. Basically, I can only get to the System Menu by powering my console down, and cold-starting with the Reset button held.

    As you can probably tell by now, I have to repeat this process everytime I'd like to launch the Netflix channel. Before February, I simply kept my Netflix v1.0.1 disc inside of my Wii and launched it via Cfg's Boot Disc option. This is no longer available as Netflix has blocked the discs.

    Anyone have an idea of how this can be achieved? Thanks!

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    At least someone know a compromise solution like launching the system menu from the usb loader?


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