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Thread: Mario Kart Freezes on me

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    Us Mario Kart Freezes on me

    hey i was trying to hack my mario kart wii game and it kinda works like something i can go to time trails and it will work but i can't go to anything else i can click on them and stuff but everything it goes to the race it freezes with a blackscreen and i have the homebrew channel and i just downgrade my wii to 3.2u it wasnt work before that either i was using the ocarnia or something and i need help if u can help me out plz can u email me at or im me on aim sthprklvr92 or yahoo tom73376 or msn or gtalk tom73376

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    online, their not ment to work online

    offline odds are you got a conflecting codes, try to do simple then more complex if the simple work its conflecting codes

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    i mean it work sometimes on timetrials and that it nutting else works can u put up a file or something that i can use or anything i'm not that into tech stuff

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    use that, but only do 1 code and see how it works

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    ok i will try and what do u mean by one code

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    more codes = lag/issues

    if you only use one u will find out if its them, you or the game

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    but why would it be the game i brought the game from gamestop brand new

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    then youre having too many codes or a bad one *youre giving me nothing and im giving u past fix's, just try it with 1 code some dont work, and others use the same thing adn glitch u*

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    ok i am giving you nothing what else do u need to know bout it it gives me a blackscreen when i go to the game mode like to beat the game and the same for wifi

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    they dont work via wifi, u need special codes *dont ask* =\
    and offline im telling you you probly have too many going or 2 codes activate at once, so it freezes

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