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Thread: Game cube backups on usb?

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    Game cube backups on usb?

    My game cube laser finally decide to give out on me. So I was wondering if it is possible yet to boot game cube backups from a USB drive. Before you ask Why not just run originals, I have a 18 month old Daughter that loves to eject the disc and run like hell and laugh about it. I have searched and the only thing I can come up with is a USB- gecko.

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    wode or sundriver (hardmods)are the only options for usbloading gamecube games on a wii

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    No loading from a usb hdd, but you can use Swiss with SD Gecko.
    I bought a Wiikey SD card reader from here They are much cheaper than the sd geckos and it works great.
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    Will that Swiss program work on the a new black wii? With system menu 4.2U?. I have used Pimp my Wii to update all the files that needed updating. So would I still need to use cMIOSwiigator to patch the MIOS?

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    Ouch! Pimp my wii is bad! You should use the any wii guide from here. Yes it will work and yes you may need to update the mios.

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