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Thread: resetting mario 64 (vc) crashes the wii

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    resetting mario 64 (vc) crashes the wii

    edit: i solved it, i used anytitledeleterMOD to delete anything that had to do with the game, then i just reinstalled it from the shopping channel, works now!
    hey guys, i just got the weirdest problem.
    i was removing some virtual console games of my wii because they were taking up alot of place, and i accidently removed mario 64 also, no biggie i thought, i just went on wii shopping channel and downloaded it again. and now its back.
    now the problem: i use the reset button alot since i reset the game alot. and everytime i reset the game now, the wii just freezes, the wiimote gets no connection etc, and the tv just says no signal.
    i tried resetting on zelda ocarina of time, and there it resets just fine.

    so, do you guys have any idea whats wrong? i dont really know why i posted this here at wiihacks, but you guys seem knowledgable and my wii is softmodded so .)
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