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Thread: PLZ Help with DSi XL 1.4.3 and r4 card...

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    Unhappy PLZ Help with DSi XL 1.4.3 and r4 card...

    I recently bought a used DSi XL
    it came with 2 r4 cards (v1.41 and r4i v1.6 revolution)
    the problem is that the last owner updated the DS to 1.4.3 just before he sold it to me
    and the cards dont work anymore (An error has occured. Press and hold the Power.....)
    I just want to know if i can get the r4 cards to work again or i need to get a new one...

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    You will need to update the kernel for the card. There should be a website on the card that you can go to, so you can get the lateset kernel.

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    10x for the tip..
    but my R4i v1.6 Revolution doesnt have 1.4.3 kernel
    Should i wait for it to be released? How long do the kernel updates usually take?

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