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Thread: How do i play Gamecube ORIGINALs from out of region?

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    Unhappy How do i play Gamecube ORIGINALs from out of region?

    Hey, i was just wondering how i could get my Softmodded Wii 4.2 to play Gamecube games from the NTSC region. My Wii is PAL region.

    The game i'm trying to play is Legend of Zelda Wind Waker NTSC. The closest I've been is through the Gecko OS thingy. I get a flickering (mostly only black) with sound (same thing happens with Super Smash Bros Melee NTSC).

    I've also tried to load it up through the normal disc channel with some sort of priiloader hack (it says Region Free GC Games).

    The weird thing is when i do the latter with my NTSC version of Super Smash Bros Melee it works just fine! but not LoZ:Wind Waker.

    Is it my settings?
    Is it my TV? (Cheap TECO 32")
    Is it my cables? (RCA/Phono straight into TV's AV1)

    if not what is it?
    anyone knows how to help me? It would be very much appreciated.
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    I've searched my ass off and found Neogamma. A software which did exactly the same as Gecko os when trying to load up the game. buuuuuuuut! Neogamma had some settings. i bet i tried everything before i tried MIOS. Which did the trick.
    I don't know if this needs to be paired up with any of the priiloader hacks i have enabled, but it works. Just thought I'd let you know.

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