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Thread: Help Plz! Can't get into certain Japanese Wii channels on modded 4.3 wii!

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    Us Help Plz! Can't get into certain Japanese Wii channels on modded 4.3 wii!

    I have a modded 4.3 J Wii and I can get into the Shop Channel just fine, but when I try to go into Wii no Ma, Digicam Print Channel, and the food channel, I get an error all in Japanese, saying to update my Wii. I went into the MMM and manually updated to 4.3 but i still get that error!! What can I do to get around this?! I reallywant to check out these channels, especially the food delivery and Wii no Ma. I'm kinda a noob, my bro was the one who soft-modded in the first place so I don't know what I'm doing! P.S I also can't get into the forecast channel, news channel, voting channel, but i can get into the Minna no Nintendo channel, both Mii channels, T&T channel.
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    You need to update the IOS the channels use and perhaps some of the channels themselves.
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    ok, but how do i know what IOS's correspond to what channel? Is there a list on the forums that lists all the IOS's and there channels? and how can i update without going into the WII system settings? There is one channel in particular that i try to get into and it boots me out, says a message in Japanese and takes me to the System Settings. Can i safely update from the settings or will it brick my Wii? I'm a noob lol, i'm completely new to this!

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