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Thread: Hello from DarkUmbra!

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    Hello from DarkUmbra!

    im from a site called, we specialise in alot of stuff, wii hacking being one of them, we have a simple and easy to use interface, we do lots of stuff, please join there and if you do please put your referrer as me (khannan786), we do alot more than just wii hacking, we do psp mods for all kinds of psps, we have ps3 hacking also! and we have much more, please join us and get access to tons of cool stuff!

    we also have this thing called DUTag! what it does is you pick a nice interface for your tag, then select your fav loader, and follow a simple tut, and then when you play games, it will show what games youve played and also we have tournys! i mean whats better than having a chance to kick but! and get rewarded while your at it

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