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Thread: HBC Disappeared after 4.3 update via ModMii

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    HBC Disappeared after 4.3 update via ModMii

    Hi. Just updated my wii from 4.1e to 4.3e via ModMii (thought it would have been safe via modmii). Luckily I installed my backup channel as a wad so still have that. Would I need the original of lego batman to get it back or would a backup work?
    Better yet, would I be able to download the homebrew channel and install it via the backup channel on a disc?

    one more question. what is the latest cios that will work with new games?

    all help appreciated. thanks.

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    Follow the "softmod any wii" guide in my signature!(click the "Useful Links" spoiler)
    You will need one of the games listed to use the exploit to load the hackmii installer
    and re-install the Homebrew channel! All the latest cIOS are included in the guide!
    There's also an option to downgrade back to SM 4.1.
    Keep in mind though, that installing all the IOS from maui's IOS pack will break cIOSCORP,
    and you will no longer be able to play backups from the disc channel.
    But you could always get yourself a HDD and play your backups through a usb loader!


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