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Thread: Simple question about benefits of softmodding a Wii

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    Smile Simple question about benefits of softmodding a Wii


    I've read mauifrog's guide for softmodding a Wii, but I don't really see anywhere where it says what you will get from doing so.

    My basic question: Will a softmod allow a DVD-R backup disc to be played without swapping on the pre-D3-2 models?

    Obviously a hardmod will do the above, but I've heard yes/no answers for this simple question from my friends. I thought I'd ask here to get the straight dope.

    Thanks in advance.

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    yes it will do the same as a hardmod in that aspect. It will also allow you to run your games from an hdd eliminating the need for those pesky discs alltogether. This thread will clear up pretty much all of your questions/

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    Perfect answer, and great link! *bookmarking*. Thank you!


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