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Thread: Wii Game Channels problem with tuts

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    Wii Game Channels problem with tuts

    Hi, i hope i have this post in the correct place, sorry if i dont.

    Please read my second post below.....

    I have been trying to follow any and all tutorials that will help me create a game channel on my wii to play from usb loader.
    I cant seem to get any of them to work, when it comes to me instaling the wad i get this everytime 'status - 1 did not instal'

    I have followed a few tutorials on this site without success.

    I am using configurable usb loader. My hard drive is a FAT32 partition. I am using wbfs game files. My wii is 4.2 softmodded. I am also getting several problems like a program not being able to read my partition to load the games to create a wad file, so i am having to manualy place the game in the programs.
    I am not sure whether my games use alt.dol files to load and I cant find anywhere that explains how to find out if they do use alt.dol files.

    Ive tried Crap3.3b with no success.
    Ive tried dol forwarder creater in the hope to then use wadder to create a game channel but in the dol forwarder program no matter what i do it can not find the name.txt file so thats also without success.
    Ive tried to find the customizemii game channel tutorial but i cant not find one.

    I simply can not get anything to work and i would very very very much appreciate it if someone could help me out as the word fustrated is growing on my forehead at the moment.
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    Sorry I'm a little confused, Are you trying to make a forwarder for each game ? Or are you looking for the CFG forwarder which will open your hard drive to view and play all games on drive ?

    Have a look here: Usb Loader - GAF's Wii Homebrew Tutorial

    here: Welcome to GAF's Wii Homebrew Tutorial - GAF's Wii Homebrew Tutorial


    Or try here:
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    i am trying to make a channel on the wii homepage that opens certain games from my hard drive without having to go into configurable usb loader to play a game.

    the problem was the homebrew was running ios 61 and i couldnt change it so i re-installed homebrew channel, it is now ios 58.

    I still cant instal wads to have selected wii game channels. any ideas would be great please.
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