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Thread: PAL games reset to Wii Menu

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    PAL games reset to Wii Menu

    I have an NTSC 4.2u softmodded Wii with the latest cfg loader on it. Its not a huge issue, but it seems that when I hit reset from the home menu all PAL games reset to the Wii Menu, while NTSC games reset like they should. Any ways to fix this? Also, is there a way to globally force NTSC video on CFG?

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    yes go into the cfg loader settings go to video and force pal and press 2 to save
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    I wanted a way to globally force NTSC, not have to select it for each game.

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    Using the configurator.exe in the sd:/usb-loader directory, you can change all of the global overrides, so that solves that. Any ideas on the PAL games, anyone?


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