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Thread: using DOS command to find usb?

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    using DOS command to find usb?

    wierd title i know. lol i used superdump to backup a game straight to an external usb hard drive. It worked great but it split the files into to files bin0 and bin1. I have to bring these files together using dos command but the instructions i found are a little sketchy. how do i go into run then cmd and get to my usb to bring the files together.

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    Try this. HJSplit: free file splitting software for Windows, Linux and other platforms It's freeware and they have versions for about 8 different platforms. Linux, windows, osx, solaris.......

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    Why are you using super dump to rip games to your hdd? All usb loader can rip the games to the hdd.

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    i have tried it. when i start HJ split and try to open the file(s) needed, the file is not recognized and does not show up, therefore i cannot open the file. I have been told to use this program by others as well. It sounds like it would do the trick but it will not open the files. There are 2 files that have to be brought together. Everyone keeps telling me to to to run type cmd and go from there and locate the files which are located on my external usb hard drive. BUT no one goes into detail how to do that. lol there has to be a way to do this. lol any suggestions?

    i am using superdump cause it is supposed to work without having to format your external hard drive to wbfs. Also, do you mean i can save the backup wii game to the internal hard drive like a ps3?
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    Cool thanks. i will give it a try and see. ALSO, do you know of any other program other than hj split that will work to bring these files together that i created using superdump. I used superdump to backup a game to my external hd. they separated into 2 files. which i already knew was going to happen. now i am supposed to bring the files back together so i can burn them onto dvd. I am supposed to use dos command. start, run, cmd.. then i am supposed to locate my external usb hd(where they are saved) and bring them back together that way? but i dont know how to do that. and hj split does not recognize the files for some reason? how do i reach my usb external hd through dos command, start, run, cmd and go from there? thanks!
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    ALSO, could you recommend a loader that has this function? thanks!

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    Easiest way is going to be to rip using ur original media and the wii. You're making more work for yourself if not.

    copy can join files, depending on what it was, I'm not guaranteeing anything here:

    c:\WiiGames\>copy file1.bin+file2.bin wholefile.bin


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    Don't u still have the source ISO? Use Wii backup manager. But really, the easiest way is to put ur original game into the Wii and open wiiflow, click the settings icon, and go to install game.

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