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Thread: Does anyone use download managers?

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    Does anyone use download managers?

    There ment to be programs that download links automatically one after another right?

    Im using DTA (download them all) but everytime i download something it comes up as an HTML address.

    Any one else get that?

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    i dont, unless my torrent downloader counts =P

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    torrents take sooooooo long I hate them >_<

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    Sorry M8 I use newsleecher for most of my d/l's as torrents are too slow when I can get flat out speeds with usenet

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    I've tried a program called USdownloader. Somehow i got the spanish version (from wiisos), so i have no idea what im doing actually, but it works. i just copy+paste the links from say megaupload, and it starts downloading. i should get an english version though, i don't speak a word of spanish :P

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    I used to use a program called Download Accelerator Plus but always hated the spyware/bloat of it. Then I was introduced to Free Download Manager (Free Download Manager - absolutely free download accelerator and manager) and does pretty much exactly the same thing, but faster, and completely open-source, and no spyware.... so good!


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