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Thread: microsd card for hacking

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    microsd card for hacking

    had a look around the forums but cant seem to find an answer. anyways i have a black 4.2e wii and was wondering if i can use a 2gb microsd card with adapter to hack the wii???

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    yes, i used one to do mine and 5 other wiis
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    cheers reason im asking is no matter how many times i format the card i keep getting error 0004 the system files are corrupt when i try to access the sd card and cant find anythin to help me out

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    You normally get a 0004 error if you're trying to bannerbomb a 4.3 system. You cant bannerbomb a 4.3 system. You need to use one of the game exploits to start the process (read you need an original of one of the games)


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    I just got finished hacking my wii 4.3u with smash bros and i used a micro sd card and an adapter Worked fine


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