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Thread: Wii updated to 4.3 by mistake - cIOS 249 is unstubbed

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    Wii updated to 4.3 by mistake - cIOS 249 is unstubbed

    Hi All,

    I had the wii softmoded for aver a year, than my 8 years old updated to 4.3 to play a game with his friend and USB Loaded GX stopped working.

    So I followed the latest guide to re-soft mod the Wii, and installed the 4.1 system menu (from the softmod guide). Almost everything works fine, however USB Loaded GX still says that the cIOS 222 and 249 are unstubbed and doesn't load.

    How can I get the cIOS249 to be stubbed again and make the USB loader work? Note that the cfg_usb_loader works but the USB Loaded GX.

    Thank you for your help

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    Follow tue softmod any wii guide To reinstall yur cios and and remove stubs

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    I did that already and the softmod went well with all the cIOS patched. However, only USB loader GX stopped working. How can I get the USB loader working? Is the guide to Softmod ANY Wii made to work with USB Loader GX or do I need to stub that cIOS myself?

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    If you already did the softmod guide again, there is no need to do it once more. If the loader doesn't work, I'd just try and re-install GX. That should do it. The "Softmod Any Wii" guide is made to work with all loaders pretty much.

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    Reinstalling GX loader didn't help, however I am now using Cfg USB Loader and happy with it.


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    The USB Loaders USB Loader GX, Configurable USB Loader and WiiFlow all use cIOS249 so if one works I assume they all should work well they do on mine after installing cIOS249.

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    You do not want to stub your cios, you want to unstub it. Stubbed ios are worthless placeholders that do nothing. Like said before, if you followed the guide then you should be fine in the cios department. You could always run a syscheck to see what is installed on your wii. Perhaps the newest version of GX would solve the problem there.


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