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    Some Questions..

    Okay after 2 days of fighting with my wii I successfully softmodded it. It's working great and I even have a few emulator games that I figured out how to get on my own Hurray! But I haven't been able to figure out exactly how you get free playable wii games. I have 2 theories: A) you download them and put them on a usb drive then to a external hard drive or B) you rent them (?) and somehow burn them onto the hard drive. Either way I'm currently trying to download a game (Just Dance) and I've noticed that they are mega huge. It will take days to download even one on my computer. I'd like to think there are other/quicker ways then downloading these huge files? If someone could explain this to me that would be great! I don't have a usb hard drive yet but I'm looking in to getting one.

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