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Thread: Very strange problem wiikey 2 clip 14

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    Very strange problem wiikey 2 clip 14

    Hello everyone and happy new year!

    I bought a wii d2e and i installed wiikey2 with clip 14 pre soldered from an expert and checked after with multimeter to see everything it was fine since all letter+power +ground made noise!

    Then i installed it on wii and put the clip fine on drive as i pressed it quite a lot!

    Then when i started wii everything was fine,i burnt 4 games, wii music,sonic unleashed,family party,dragon ball 2!everything fine but the backups don't load every time when the wii base is on its base!but if i put it on the floor where the side of nintendo touches the floor everything works perfect both original and back ups

    If i put it on the other side and power wii on the black light shines but the dvd drive doesn't work at all and if i then grab the wii and put it on its base the drive begin without having to power off wii!

    Original games load everytime the backups always when the wii is in one side and sometimes when it is on its base!

    Please help me is it problem?what is the fault!

    I have used verbatim,tdk and intenso and all work perfect except for the times i mentioned! Please help me!

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    I'm new, but for what its worth, it sounds like the clip might be on loose somehow. You might want to try securing the clip on the board with some electrical tape.

    If all the backups loaded at one point or another, then I don't think the media is at fault.

    Hope that helps.

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    as above it sounds like you have an issue with the clip itself not making good contact, If it keeps happening you might want to consider having it soldered in to prevent this problem happening frequently.


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