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Thread: Q: Isn't it enough to just install HBC?

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    Smile Q: Isn't it enough to just install HBC?

    Hi guys,

    New(b) member here, I've learned a lot on these forums etc, but there's one thing I'm curious about:

    The basic question is: Is it not just enough to install the Hackmii Installer for HBC and Bootmii to softmod a Wii?

    The reason I ask is because it seems like you could just install a USB Loader program on, then you're off to the races. The mauifrog guide(s) have steps to install a Large Amount of WADs, IOS things, CIOS stuff, etc etc... and I'm wondering if that's unnecessary, similar to how a lot of Windows OS .torrents you see floating around also have preloaded auxiliary software to make your life easier, but might not be absolutely necessary.

    There's probably something I'm missing though, any info appreciated! Thanks in advance.
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    All of the loaders run off of cIOS's which you would need them to run. Have a look at the Softmod Any Wii guide and follow it.

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    Yep, we add all the extra stuff as a joke lol

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    oddgriffin you're awesome.

    If you did some reading before posting this, you'd have your answer. We dont generally advocate doing things without a defined purpose.


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    Thanks for the replies. I know it wasn't a joke and obviously served a purpose, just was wondering why the USB loader programs can't just run off HBC. But as "toby1978" mentioned, seems to be because it needs a modified CIOS(es) to do so.

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    Thread closed. No more to be said on this one...

    OP follow a modding guide and simple answer to your question is No the installation of the HBC is not enough to run backups. That is just the beginning...


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