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Thread: Problems with wii remote after soft modding Wii.

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    Problems with wii remote after soft modding Wii.

    I've got a 4.2U soft modded Wii, which I modded using ModMii. Since then, however, my Wiimote simply decided to stop working, whenever the controller is idle it will simply stop sending out orders to the console, it will appear to still be in sync with the console, as indicated by the blue light on the remote, however pressing any buttons or pointing at the sensor bar will no nothing at all. This only happens when browsing through the Wii's menus, whenever I start a game, the remote works flawlessly (although one time I was playing with the SNES emulator, went for a cup of water, came back and the same thing happened again). Could it be possible that I messed up something during the soft mod? I checked that everything went just fine while doing the whole procedure and read and followed the guide very carefully. Is there any kind of solution to this?

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    Hello, I have the same problem. Was just wonering if you got it fixed and if you did, how so?

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    Do you guys have the new wiimotes? The ones with WiiMotionPlus in them? If it's the case, they don't really like to cooperate with homebrew, i suggest buying one of the old ones from ebay or amazon.
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    My wii came with system menu 4.3 and I have softmodded it. Never have had any problems with remotes and they both have built in motion+


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