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Thread: Backing up Wii Games through PC DVD Drive

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    Backing up Wii Games through PC DVD Drive

    Is there a way to backup Wii Games on a winXP systems DVD Drive ? Can this be loaded as a WSFB partition in some way ?

    My Wii DVD Drive crashed and cannot read any discs. So I softmoded and have a USB drive to load games. However, rather then download copies of all the games that I already have, I would like to be able to backup my games onto that USB HDD, but all the articles that I have read inolve backing them up through the Wii DVD Drive (which doesn't work). I really don't want to have to download all my games, when I already hae the discs.


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    Certain LG brand disk drives will read wii games
    * LG-8164b
    * LG-8163b
    * LG-8162b
    * LG-8161b

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    Wouldn't it be a better idea to install a new working drive in the wii?


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