Hello all,

Ive been looking around for a while now and i cant seem to find a solution to the issue im having: Whenever i play video in WIIMC the audio is almost non-exisatant (playing from my laptop via smb, wirelessly)

AFAIK i have wiimc (version 1.1.8 IOS58) configured properly, every other aspect of it appears to be werking, i can stream audio from the web, i can stream audio from my lappy not a problem with the smb shares i set up. i can also stream shoutcast tv with no audio issues.

i have tested several different kinds of video file types, resolutions, and quality's. same result. ive confirmed with my ps3 that they are not just really audio low recordings. ive reinstaled WIIMC twice to see if that was the issue. No dice

My system is and older model RVL-001 (able to play dvd-r backup copys) with a S/N that starts with LU55. i recently update to 4.1U, but i did not have have WIIMC installed b4 that so i dont know if the update is the issue

ive also got neogamma R8, IOS249 (rev 21006) as my backup launcher. but im not sure all the IOS's i have installed

I hope ive provided enough info to guide someone in the right direction towards a solution because im stumped, any help is much appreciated