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    Ca Hello all

    Long time reader first time poster... First off i would like to say a HUGE thanks to all the ppl who operate/admin this site, secondly, the wealth of knowledge this community has is astounding.

    I think ive been a member for a little over 2 years now and i recently (with alot of help) overhauled The Original twilight hack i put on the system when i originally signed up. This site and the information held within prevented a low lvl brick that was waiting to happen (I dont remember what version i had on but i know it was a CIOScorp loader), When my friend who is very skilled at modding took a look at what i had done to the nand (from improper updates and removing what i thought were unnecessary IOS') he was shocked i hadnt low lvled it already. He reminded me about this site (it had been a few years) and told me that he didnt wanna risk trying to update it for fear of ruining it. He agreed to assist while i tried to upgrade to 4.1 but when hackmii would not run at all he told me i was outta luck and enjoy what i can get outta it while i can.

    after several weeks of reading, and reading, and reading he agreed to help did it wasnt his fault if i ended up with a paper weight.

    we were able to installed ios236 then loaded MMM from it, from there we were able to finally able to load hackmii from it and install bootmii as boot2. we backed up the nand with priiloader, and started.

    we only banner bricked twice but thx again to this site it wasnt a big deal and we could deal with it. we brought it up to 4.1u for now and i was finally able to go out and get New Super Mario Bros. (been wanting to pick it up for a while, its basically what started this whole mission)

    i once again appreciate the WII for what it is and what homebrew and community's like this have made it.

    So thank you all, and... HI!!

    P.S ill be going thru all the posts and tutorials and giving thx (should been doing it all a long i know)
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    That's one hell of an intro lol. Glad you were able to rescue your Wii.

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