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Thread: Recommended firmware version for a NTSC softmod

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    Lightbulb Recommended firmware version for a NTSC softmod

    ok hi guys, yesterday i attempted a NTSC softmod, this is the first one, i did 2 PAL before this, when i got the homebrew channel installed, the version of preloader was 0.29, which then took me through all the hassle of "the system files are corrupt"... my controllers were not connectind through wad manager and everything it was a B**CH, and even more so ITS NOT MY Wii !, so as you probably would be, i was literally pooping myself, so in the end i got it working, what firmware version do you think is the easiest to softmod, and could i downgrade the firmware, for NTSC which is the "easiest" and if you could post a tutorial link for that version, that would be awesome!

    The Wii's Specs etc....
    *VERSION 4.2U
    *4.1 System Menu

    if ANY of this is unclear, PLEASE POST AND TELL ME WHICH PART!


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    Make a introduction and you will be given a link to Mauifrogs mod any wii guide...

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