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Thread: Banned for unregistered?

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    Banned for unregistered?

    Are you kidding for banned me? I was a registered user but the Luigi are being disrespect me and ban me for no reason. That is VERY disrespect and not able to communicate with it.

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    luigi is a bot, go ahead, talk all you want, but he doesnt listen very well, lol
    How about read the rules on joing irc, I see your fail in the log...

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    Then can you sort it out and unban me?

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    Lol william thats the first thing i thought about luigi when i was starting on IRC. I'm still a noob tho

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    Let me repeat... Can someone sort it out and unban me?

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    read here, and pay attention to this section called
    Note for users with SPACES in their forum names

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    ok I got it.


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