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Thread: wii remotes work in main menu but unsync turn off in channels

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    wii remotes work in main menu but unsync turn off in channels

    I have to soft modded wiis both with 4.3 and both have worked perfect for 7 months

    Now suddenly both the wii remotes I have unsync when you go into a channel and will not resync

    This happens on both wiis.

    I have changed batteries
    I have unplugged the wiis for 30 seconds and tried resyning
    I have held in the sync button on the wii for 15 seconds to clear the sync memory and then resync'd

    I went and bought a wand plus. It will eventually after 2 minutes resync in some channels but not all but that is only because it will continually resync on its own.

    I have tried a different sensor bar even though every thing I read says the sensor bar has nothing to do with this problem

    I have moved the wiis to a different room

    I have not added any updates or software to the wiis

    I have tried all of the above with and without a usb drive plugged in

    NO matter what I do the same result

    I can sync at teh health warning screen
    it stays syned at the main menu

    then when you go into any channel the wii remote turns off and when you try to resync it will not sync

    It happens on two different wiis with 3 different remotes including a brand new one

    Any help would be appreciated

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    I am having the same issue. I have a red wii with 4.3u.
    I have downgraded to 4.1U and then upgraded back to 4.3u. Still wiimote will not sync on both versions.

    Only way I can sync wiimote is to start Wii, under health screen, press and hold sync button by SD card for 15 seconds. Press sync on wiimote and then press sync button near SDcard.

    The wiimote stays connected while on the system menu and in homebrew channel.

    I lose sync if I start a game, open a channel and restart Wii.

    Once I restart the Wii, I have to unsync wiimotes by holding sync button 15 seconds again and go through the process.

    Any one have any ideas how to fix this?

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    I have had a softmodded wii for two years now and two original remotes. I have never had a problem till yesterday, now the remotes unsync as soon as you load wiiflow. No update was done. If anyone knows how to fix this please post. Thanks in advance.
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    same problem here

    i have a softmodded wii running 4.3 it has been working fine but wiimote stop syncing yesterday. it works on home screen and then unsyncs with wiiflow or homebrew...i have not updated anything any suggestions??? i have tried same methods as above posters

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    wii remote turn off when starting a channel

    Does anybody have a solution to this problem? Is it the Wii Bluetooth module that needs replacing? Thanks.

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    I wish I could help but I have no idea.

    Are they motion plus controllers or without it?

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    RE: controllers still turn themselves off at "Start"

    It will not work with any controller, regular or motion plus built in. Any controller can be synced to work at startup and can navigate the Wii menu and system settings without any problem -- but as soon as I click the Start button of any channel, the remote turns itself off (though the channel loads and begins as normal). So this seems to rule out sensor bar, remote or other hardware issues.

    I did a System Format -- no change. I tried to update online to 4.3U -- it says I am already running the latest firmware, though the menu clearly says 4.1U. (It somehow went from 4.3U to 4.1U in the soft modding process.) So now I have an unmodded 4.1U base system but the controllers will not work past any channel Start button. Anybody have any ideas??

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    any updates on this issue? bought a new black wii about a month ago, i can install homebrew fine but once i open an emulator the remote unsyncs and never reconnects.


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