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Thread: How to use NUSD [Guide]

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    How to use NUSD [Guide]


    1 - Download NUSD from HERE

    2 - Extract the NUSD rar file and you will
    unzip a folder structure like this

    3 - Double click the NUS Downloader (highlighted in the picture above). The app will start and the gui will look like this.

    4 - Now wait for the database to update.

    5 -
    i) Hit the DATABASE button up the top.

    ii)Select the IOS dropdown menu.

    iii)Select the IOS that you want to download (I have chosen IOS36 latest version for an eg.)

    6 - Now you have selected the IOS that you want to download, it will go back to the main gui pane and in that pane you will see ios 36.

    Check pack to WAD (see pic below) and make sure it says Wii next to the version box and then hit START NUS DOWNLOAD!

    NUSD will start downloading your IOS and packing it in to a WAD

    7 - Now the IOS Wad has been made a new folder will have been created in the NUSD directory called "TITLES"
    Venture into this folder and you will see a folder with lots of numbers as the folder name. Double click on this folder and on the next one that comes up. Inside the last folder you will see quite a few files but the one you want is the one with file ext. ".WAD". Copy and paste the wad file to the wad folder on your sd card. (If you do not have a wad folder make one on the root of your sd card now.)

    [SPOILER="To download a system menu channel ie the internet channel"]

    • Hit the database button up top
    • Select "System"
    • Find the channel that you would like to d/l and make sure it's for your region or you will get a error when trying to use it
    • Select it
    • Select pack to wad and hit "NUS Download"
    • Wait for it to finish downloading and packing
    • Find the wad in "Titles" folder as before and copy and paste it to the wad folder on your sd card
    • Install as explained below in the next spoiler. (Some channels need a specific IOS to work! You can cosult the table HERE

    [SPOILER="How to install the ios wad using WAD Manager"]
    i. Get Wad Manager 1.7 HERE
    ii. Extract and put the extracted Wad Manager folder in your apps folder on your sd card. If you do not have a apps folder make one on the root of the sd card (Inside the wad manager folder you should have boot.dol/meta/.png/ and 3 .txt files)
    iii. Put the SD Card back in your Wii and select the HBC
    iv. You should now see Wad Manager in the HBC. Select it!
    v. A warning screen will come up. Press "A"
    vi. The default ios should be 249 to use for installation of your wad. Select it. If it doesnt work try 236/250/36
    vii. Select the wii sd card slot for the location of your wad
    viii. Now the file structure of your sd card should appear. Select the folder named "WAD"
    ix. Select the ios wad (in this case ios36) and hit A
    x. Select "install" and wait for it to install. DONE.

    RULE OF THUMB - Never uninstall a IOS under 200


    What NUSD does NOT do:

    • Package VC/WiiWare/DSiWare needing an individual ticket.
    • Decrypt WC/WiiWare/DSiWare titles (no tickets!)

    So do not ask about the above or you will feel my virtual baseball bat around the back of your legs. .

    Make sure you know what the IOS is and does before installing it Look HERE

    [SPOILER="Thanks"]WB3000 - Creator of this great app.


    We're collecting donations to help cover the cost of the servers and website for Homebrew Repo

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