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Thread: Wii resets when i try to make a nand backup?

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    Wii resets when i try to make a nand backup?

    ive been following this guide to softmod my new (but old) nintend wii ver. 3.4E its all going swimmingly until i try and load the bootmii, its not there, so i unistall it on boot 2 and install it on ios, press the home key and press the launch bootmii button and then the wii resets and goes back to the home screen (showing the (new to me) homebrew page), now i wonder whether to just continue with the softmod and skip the backup (something in my head screams no) or ask for your help. i did also try using a blank sd card but that just gave me a black screen and made the disk light flash on the wii

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    Old guide.... Use the mod any wii guide.

    If you have bootmii as boot 2 this is 99.9% brick protection so a backup is vital.


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