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Thread: Another new dash update 19/7/11

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    Another new dash update 19/7/11

    So Ms have released yet another dash that can cause instant xbl bans and lock the slim 9504 slim drives,which then need a pcb board which is now sold out with no more to be made,but the good news is that some Russian hackers have found a free way of writing to most slim drives after update lock or if you have a different slim drive.
    Also FW for the 0225/0272 (previous 9504) and 0401 are now out and ready especially if you did buy yourself a pcb board for the above drives.
    Ap.25 is also disabled again so another run of ap.25 games through abgx is needed once they sort new patches out again.
    Remember to for best and safer updating is to go back to stock (if on lt 1.9 already and the 13146 dash use the post ofw for your drive to go back to stock fw),then update dash,then reflash to lt 1.9 and then all should be ok again with xbl and backup gameplay apart from .25 games.
    You can if already on lt 1.9 just update dash without going to stock as this update does'nt flash back to stock and results vary but most can update dash without any issues and without going back to stock.If you do get issues or errors then u need to flash to stock ,update dash,then flash back to 1.9,but the choice is yours but its not a major issue if you get errors while updating dash but the probability is that at some time you will be banned from xbl if you do get errors if updating without going to stock first .If your on lt 1.1 or lower,you need to go to stock,update to newest dash then go to 1.9 but you use the pre ofw for stock fw.
    They've managed to get god running again for a short while,prob till next update,so at least maybe thats something.
    I'll post a link to new lt 1.9 fws for the slims and the fw's needed for all fat drives.

    New flashing files for all drives fat/slim

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