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Thread: I don't know what happaned to my Wii!

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    Unhappy I don't know what happaned to my Wii!

    Hello there

    I am a new Wii hacker so please respect me and don't laugh at me
    my Wii system menu is 3.4U (YEAH OLD)
    My problem is I tried to play wii games using UsbLoader GX and Hard driver 160GB from (
    All things was working fine
    Until some day I was tring my new original game
    It's dragon quest sword the masked queen and the tower of mirrors (original CD)
    It works fine but after 3 weeks
    Wii started to give me error message when I try to save game
    (The wii connot read disk)
    And when I try to access to Wii setting
    It gives me this error ( wii system files are corrupted)
    I havn't install priiloader or anything
    And the only thing that I istall is IOS36
    i tried to use DOP MII
    But It makes it worth
    Now errors get when I click A button
    And the error are dispalyed in bad font
    Please Help

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    A guide called "semi-brick, systen settings locked, opera error" will help u. You can find it in the brick section

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    Do my softmod guide. Clean your dvd drive. If you still get error in the settings, load Any region changer and ensure that your region settings match your system menu that you have installed.
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    Hello Guys
    I do what have you done in Semi-Brick,system setting locked, Opera Error excatlly and I didn't recive any error message during installtion
    Now I upgraded from 3.4U to 4.1U
    But know
    First the new sd icon next to wii icon stuck and freeze when it loads SD card data
    And know All my games don't work (oraginal or copy)
    I recive message (An error has been occured , please Eject cd then press power off button0
    When the Wii DVD starts the games
    I tried Backup/ISO Gecko loader but the same
    I tried UsbLoader and it fails
    What sould I do know

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    Try using Bannerbomb to fix wii.

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    Please If you want to help me please tell me how


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