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Thread: Just got my wii (Help about HBC)

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    Just got my wii (Help about HBC)

    I just got my wii today . I need help about HBC and i dont have any game except of Mario kart can anyone help me or prefer any chip ?

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    You will need one of the games listed in the softmod any wii guide. Go rent or borrow from a friend or you can get a Wode but I would just softmodd!

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    Is there any way that i can burn DVD's and play it without any mod , any way without HBC ? Also i'd like to know is it possible to downgrade wii without mod.

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    No, and no! You're best bet is to do as Toby suggested!

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    After i install HBC what should i install for Backup games ? Gamma ? What's the most safe (so wii doesnt get bricked)

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    When you are modded using Mauifrogs Mod Any Wii guide you will have all that you need to play backed up games. When I say backed up games! I mean ripping your originals to a external HDD. Please remember we do not support Piracy here at WiiHacks.

    If your wii is new then you will probably have the newer chipset and your wii won't play backup discs so loading from usb hdd is the only way.


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