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Thread: wad manager not loading wads

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    wad manager not loading wads

    when i go on the wad manager it loads fine but whe i choose the wad i want it says loading then switches to loading failed -2
    im using a MICRO SD does that matter?

    I also have the 1.5 and 1.7(they have both got the same problem...


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    It's going to be hard to give you an answer on this because I can't find anyone with a similar problem. I'll ask you a few questions to see if I can help.
    Is the MicroSD SDHC? What WAD is it? Is it from a reliable source? Is the MicroSD card locked?
    I've been using 1.7 for a while and no problems. Since it has the same issue with each version there has to be a problem with the MicroSD. If you have just a regular SD Card, then try using that instead and see if you get the same problem.

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    It is just a micro sd
    the wad id (my pokemon ranch)
    and i got it fom 4shared
    the microsd card is not locked

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