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Thread: Have I Just Bricked My Wii ?

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    Have I Just Bricked My Wii ?

    Hi guys n gals,
    I am in need of DESPERATE help.
    Yesterday I downloaded 2 CSI games (Deadly Intent + Fatel Conspiracy) and a CSI fix Wad file (cIOS53-v5149-v3.5[csi fix]) for D/I.
    Today I put both games on my HDD and the Wad file on the SD card.
    An hour ago I tried to play CSI D/I using Wiiflow 249 without installing the Wad fix file. The game launched ok but when I pressed start the Wii reset back to main menu. So I installed the Wad fix file with Wad Manager 1.7 in HBC.

    Now, when i try to start any of my back-up launchers (NeoGamma ect. and WiiFlow ect.), on pressing start the Wii screen just goes black. Even HBC fails to start now. AND original discs no longer work. As before, screen goes black when pressing start.

    My Wi is on system menu 4.1e and HBC is installed. BootMii is also on but not as Boot 2. PriiLoader no longer works (power on while holding reset), it launches ok but fails to respond to anything.
    I tried to reinstall HBC with BannerBomb but Wii froze on SD card screen in Wii settings.

    Is there anything that can be done to repair this hopefully minor glitch. I don't care about any files in the memory, they can be replaced. So can the game saves.

    And what would using the Format mode on the Wii do, good or bad idiea ?

    Please Help, I don't like to think I bricked my Wii for a CSI game, it's upsetting and embarrassing

    Thanx for help in advance

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    Your last threads were deleted because we do not support Piracy.

    Look HERE for help

    Do not start another thread on this subject.
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