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Thread: Using Ocarina codes for Wii VC games

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    Using Ocarina codes for Wii VC games

    As far as I know, my only method for using Ocarina codes for VC games is through the app, Gecko. Problem is, the new version does not give me the option to load channel, while the 1.9.2 version does, but it won't load Chrono Trigger (an error that I know the new version of Gecko fixes. I got this to work for FFVI on VC once, but can't get to work on Chrono Trigger. Anybody know the reasoning, or the correct place to put this post, if this is not the place?

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    I'm afraid to say that no-one here will help you with that, as WiiHacks doesn't support cheating!
    Perhaps a read of the forum rules will benefit you?
    Thread closed!


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