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Thread: forwarder channel for genplus 1.5.0

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    forwarder channel for genplus 1.5.0

    I never really fully understood the differences with USB and SD setup, i always go for a setup that is totally USB and no use of SD card..i want to update to the latest genpus emu on my wii..i think previously i have had the channell installed on the wii and it looks for roms on the usb really not sure..i read athread elsewhere where i downloaded a really nice forwarder (the one where sonic is running on the icon and ducks under the megadrive sign)..i downloaded the latest genplus rar, extracted the wii.dol and renamed it to boot.dol on usb drive, deleteing the old one first, i then installed the channel forwarder wad and proceeded to run the emu, it just black screens and goes back to the wii menu, the thread i was reading was pertaining to the person using it for thier SD card, im using USB but i thought if i just applied the same but for the USB it would work...i am not really sure what im missing here, only thing i can think of is that the forwarder is set to look at the SD card as opposed to the USB drive but it must have accessed the .dol on the usb drive as when i went back into usb a genplus folder had been created at the root..noit sure if the forwarder done this or can i get this forwarder to work with my setup..i really like it

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    sorted it..i needed to rename the apps/genplus-gx to apps/genplusgx

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    Op solved problem

    Thread closed

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