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Thread: cIOS Wad

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    cIOS Wad

    - Users who used mauifrog's softmod guide, Do NOT use this! You can, but do not need to since you already have it setup!

    - Only Install in iOS slots 200 and above!
    - Brick protection is not needed but is recommended!

    Slots Used by Loaders
    Neogamma: ciOS249
    CFG USB Loader: cIOS222-224 and ciOS245-250
    WiiFlow: ciOS 1 - 253
    USB Loader GX: ciOS200 - 255

    Neither myself or this website supports piracy, if you there is any talk of piracy or asking for help with pirate related issues, you will be banned!

    ciOS202[57] v5.1
    ciOS202[60] v5.1

    ciOS222[38] v4
    ciOS222[38] v5.1

    Useful to have for the odd games like Monster Hunter Tri and some Music games.
    cIOS223[37+38] v4


    ciOS224[37] v5.1
    cIOS224[57] v5.1

    Recommended for WAD Installers.
    ciOS236[36] v65535 (Thanks Krank)

    [spoiler=Waninkoko ciOS249/250]
    For other uses. These ciOS are a bit old but might be useful for some.
    ciOS249[38] v17b
    ciOS250[38] v17b


    [spoiler=cIOS249 d2x]
    ciOS249[37] d2x v6
    ciOS249[38] d2x v6
    ciOS249[53] d2x v6
    ciOS249[55] d2x v6
    ciOS249[56] d2x v6 (Recommended for Most Games)
    ciOS249[57] d2x v6
    ciOS249[58] d2x v6


    [spoiler=cIOS250 d2x]
    ciOS250[37] d2x v6
    ciOS250[38] d2x v6
    ciOS250[53] d2x v6
    ciOS250[55] d2x v6
    ciOS250[56] d2x v6
    ciOS250[57] d2x v6 (Recommended)
    ciOS250[58] d2x v6

    [spoiler=Recommended Setup]
    This is a noob-proof setup. This should cover it for most users.
    ciOS223 v4 w/ iOS37 and iOS38 (For Monster Hunter Tri and Music Games)
    ciOS236 v65535 w/ iOS36 (Installing files)
    ciOS249 r21 d2x v6 w/ iOS56 (Works with almost all games) flawlessly
    ciOS250 r21 d2x v6 w/ iOS57 (For the games d2x w/ iOS56 doesn't work; Black Ops.)

    [spoiler=Install all Recommended ciOS Pack]
    For those who just want to quickly install all recommended in one go.


    1. Download This Pack.
    2. Unzip it and place the files inside the folder onto the root of your SD Card.
    3. Insert SD Card into Wii and load Homebrew Channel.
    4. Start Multi-Mod Manager.
    5. Load a fakesigned iOS (236 or 249).
    6. Select 'WAD Manager'.
    7. Press '1' then 'A' to select all.
    8. Press Install and wait for it to finish.
    9. Once done, press Home to exit.

    Cile for the Original idea and ciOS202 files
    Krank for the iOS236 wad
    All ciOS Developers
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    i installed ios 250(57) d2xv6 but for COD black ops i need to install ios 250 (57) r19. please provide me link as i am searching for it but failing. Secondly can i install this over d2xv6 or i have to delete it first since i am going to install a old version over new one.

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    U do not need r19

    I can play black ops fine with d2x 250 v6 base 57

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    i read this in black ops thread. With d2x 250 v6 it keeps on loading with black screen like this "loading..."
    I have updated my usb loader gx but still not working.
    sorry i check my sys check d2x 250 is installed with base ios 56 instead of 57.

    I installed d2xv6 249 and 250 by using d2x pack as in d2x thread but these were installed with base ios other than recommended i.e. 249(57) & 250(56) . now i have downloaded d2x wads (with recommended base ios) from this thread. my question is , can i simply installed this wads through mmm and it replaces existing d2x 249 & 250 automatically or there is anyother safe way.

    after waiting alot i have run the d2x wads through mmm and run my sys check. it looks like as i have done it right. thanks everybody. balck ops is alive and running
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    Great work. The only thing I'm missing here is a cMIOS? If I remember rightly, Cile's guide had a WAD of one of the cMIOS.

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    Thanks for I am a newbie to the scene.

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    slots 249 and 250 not reconised

    have loaded wiiflow 249-305 on wbsf hdd, it loads up ok but can only see202-222-223-and 224.Sytems check shows 249 r21006 and250r21006 so why cant wiiflow pick them up?

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    Fixed broken download link to Recommended Pack and the Donate button

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    welll, units been working for a long time with minimal issues (microphone not working in some games, skateboard not being seen and couldnt play COD). so i went about the install recommended cios pack and its mmm it showed that ios 36 wasnt installed so it wouldnt allow me to load the 249 and 250d2 wads(the others loaded fine), kept showing an error and looking for ios15-64-1032 and ios36-64-v3608. so i brilliantly found em' put em in the wad folder and tried to reload them. and now i screwed it all up. after i get into hbc / i try to load mmm or after using backup card files wadmanager 1.7 neither will let me in and black screens. i cant get in usb loader and now have my kids looking at me like im the biggest douche on the planet. DID I BRICK IT ? or what are my options. if i have to mod it all over again i would like to go ahead and get it over with asap. ive been trying to get everything right as im having a kids b-day party next week and planned on doing wii karaoke.... any suggestions certainly appreciated. thnx

    i should also ask, if there is a way i can / should get it to normal before modding ?
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