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Thread: USB Loader GX r1100 Issues - Need Help

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    USB Loader GX r1100 Issues - Need Help

    Hey all,

    First post here on this board and I have an issue with my USB Loader GX that has been giving me a headache for the past two days. To give some background, I had a 4.3U Wii that I used the Smash Stack to hack. I got through this section no problem installing HBC, Bootmii, and Priiloader all successfully, the latter using Mauifrog's guide that had been stickied here. I followed the rest of his guide all the way through and everything was going great. I loaded in USB Loader GX using it as a forwarder (not a channel) and got it up working like it was supposed to. I think we put the WAD in the 248 slot because the 249 was being unresponsive. Anyway, a couple days ago I noticed that the USB Loader GX stopped working as it would go through its normal initialization of the USB Drive and SD Card before appearing on a blank white screen where I wasn't able to do anything. I figured that the program itself updated and that now my cIOS was out of date so I decided to go ahead and follow the guide to update to d2x v6 for compatibility. I decided to place it in the 250 slot as the tutorial said I could. I got that to work so then I went ahead and uninstalled the 249 WAD for the USB Loader GX forwarder and went ahead to install the 250 WAD for the channel. Everything seemed to go through fine, however, the Wii still seems to think it has the forwarder installed and keeps going through to this blank white screen. I am not sure what I am doing wrong and need your guys help. I appreciate any help you all can give me.

    EDIT: Got it back up and working. Forgot to take the damn stick out when booting the channel. Sigh. Oh well. Let you know if any further issues arise.
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